What does xbot mean?

Nowadays the role of robots is more and more increased to perform monotonous tasks to be automatized in order to help humans’ needs, making their lives easier. The so-called xBoT – modelled on them – could assist in the automation of data service tasks. Each xBoT is designed by unique client demand. According to needs, every created xBoT runs in HQ – the source systems – from where it is able to display all visualized data even by a mobile application.

We do not change the business process only help being simplified.

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    Data source

    To start xBoT by individual client demands, the first step is to collect all necessary data sources for the final product. During the process, together with the Client, we should review some data sources, if available being consequential to create the xBoT.

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    Reporting rules

    After collecting and consolidating data sources, together with the Client, we will survey the collected data sources. Based on the automatized report, we could define the exact rules being important for xBoT, on which xBoT can create reports automated from data sources. These rules might be, for example, filtering, estimating, analysis, searching, etc., or rather all those which are functional to automatize reports.

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    After reporting, rules are determined by using collected data sources, and the Client – as the last step of finalizing the individual – customized xBoT is also to complete the presented form of data. To reach it, again, together with the Client, we will survey what kind of result might be gained precisely, what the requirements are, and how the performed report should look. We will review the Client’s data tables, diagrams, and other plans in any combination or other file formats to implement claims. As the final process result, the automatized report in proper appearance and customized is done from volumes of data at the very end according to reporting rules.


For what does it provide a solution?

  • Preparing business decisions

    Decision-makers and managing directors would gain some error-free information quickly and accurately to prepare business decisions by establishing their management issues. To make these decisions, all data to be collected and formed into a formal report displayed for decision-makers and managing directors are time-consuming, including a human margin of errors even if the detailed report is not first required.

  • The difficult long reporting process

    Preparing data to make an accurate report is a long, tiring, and boring process even for the most experienced business analysts. Without automation, consolidating sources and materials for reports is a long process, including a human margin of errors. Reporting rules should be defined again without automatized reports in each case after all collected data, including decision-makers who are not really provided by corresponding report forms to arrive at a correct decision.

  • Excel is not the solution for everything

    Excel is genuinely appropriate for table tools, making reports, but it is not convenient for automating the whole reporting process or managing different data sources with substantial item numbers. The trained robot (XBoT) assists in automatizing the reporting process and reduces the effort to create subsequent reports by human resources and demand. This, in turn, decreases the high-rep error for risk in data entry and process and expedites the reporting process by automation.


Make your reporting process simplify

Modernize and optimize the whole working process necessary for reporting by process steps applied in the correct order. You might eliminate expensively and slow reporting processes even abolish parallel working connected to further value-added activities.

Standardize your reporting

Simplify and unify all processes to abolish unnecessary complications and possible contradictions.

Take advantage from the potential of the particulars

Concentrate on your own demands being useful for making a decision. xBoT will efficiently assist you in establishing reports, reaching the potential of source particulars.

Do you have any ideas? Maybe any questions? Are you interested in further information?

We know how many efforts, talking, information collecting, managing are needed from the very beginning of an inceptive idea of a project to reach the implementation phase. So do not hesitate to call us and talk about your questions.