Workforce management

At its simplest, Workforce Management (WFM) is the process by which you ensure your customer service organization has the right person with the right skills in the right place and at the right time – regardless of the method of contact.

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Our business do provide turn-key solutions in the field of planning, introducing and management.

Existing interfaces prove quicker and more seamlessly introduction even integration of source systems (e.g.: Qmtic Orchestra interface).

Planning of human resources in addition to permanently variable loads?

By using our customized solutions, it is not a problem anymore.

Permanently variable loads? Employees’ unique preferences?

The solution enables the most optimal human resource management, taking into consideration all these and past plan/fact data, too.

Is it impossible for infrastructure investment? Do you need to present some results quickly?

The solution is absolutely available as a cloud service (SaaS) in monthly fee construction.

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Increase your customers’ satisfaction and profitability whether it can be the contact centre, back office or store and business network

Increase your customers’ satisfaction and profitability whether it can be the contact centre, back office or store and business network

Ügyfél elégedettség
A Teleopti WFM megoldása kiemelkedő munkaerő menedzsment megoldás

Complete control in daily management in addition to customer satisfaction and profitability

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Forecasting and Planning

Enable strategic staffing and long-range planning.

Schedule Management

Streamline daily scheduling workflows.

Flexible Optimization Tools

Agility to respond to evolving staffing needs.

Employee Mobility, Self-Service

Get everyone involved, anywhere.

Forecasting and Planning

Enable short- and long-range planning forecasts with capacity planning.


Advanced Forecasting & Modeling

Forecasts can be modeled for all channel and media types and any time period using historical data from one day to over a year. Take seasonality into account and add your knowledge of future campaigns to forecasting periods over a year in advance down to minute-level with a powerful and dynamic workflow.

Hiring Planning

Plan hiring based on staffing needs, time to hire, attrition, and user configured stages of the hiring process.

Capacity Planning

Produce reports to identify resource needs over an established timeframe including resources such as agents, supervisors, trainers, computers, phones, desks, etc.

Budgetary Planning

Establish budgetary estimates over a defined time frame based on user configured data such as average wage rates, average costs, etc.

Vacation Planning

Vacation planning tools synchronize time-off accrual and vacation allotments, including integration with human resource systems (HRMS) to capture vacation and sick leave from enterprise staffing systems.

Flexible Optimization Tools

Automate scheduling workflows and simplify day-to-day processes.


Intraday Automation

Eliminates manual efforts associated with intraday schedule adjustments for unforeseen changes in staffing requirements (like absenteeism, inclement weather or news incidents) by automatically coordinating overtime or voluntary time off opportunities.

Drag and Drop Editing

Make quick and easy changes, preview performance impact down to the minute and instantly put changes into production.

Intraday Optimization

Optimize any activity, such as agent break and lunch assignments, but also production activities, such as phone, chat, e-mail, back-office in order to better utilize staff for better coverage.

Real-Time Tracking

Monitor and balance call volume, available agents and service levels.

Gain an overview of the current situation with the most recent information, enabling you to monitor and balance call volume, available agents and service levels, and spot behaviors and trends to prevent and solve situations that may require action.


Adherence follow-up

Secure employee schedule adherence by using real-time feeds to compare scheduled activities to actual states down to a very detailed level of granularity.

Restore Schedules

View changes to an agent’s schedule, made by you or other users, and restore back to a previous iteration.


Foster a thriving company culture and increase employee ownership



Agents can view their schedules, enter time off, trade shifts with their team all from any mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

Absence handling

Automate processes for vacation requests and other ad-hoc absences, thanks to visual indicators based on service level targets or budgeted allowance. Agents get instant feedback of request approval, denial or placement on a waitlist.

Shift trading

Agents can trade shifts with their colleagues based on customized rules established by the planning team. Trade requests are sent between employees for approval or denial and schedules are updated in real time with instant notifications to involved parties.


Agents can enter their availabilities and preferences which are combined with the company’s rule-based schemes and service level targets.


Enable agents to independently move their lunches and breaks. Schedules are updated instantly once moves are made. Parameters set by management and automated staffing monitoring mean zero managerial intervention is required and there is no impact on customer service levels.

Overtime management

Stay in control and get help when you really need it as agents can input when they may be available to work overtime as well as request to work overtime, for instance if an unexpected increase in traffic volume occurs, or during flu season.

Agent Alerts

Keep agents informed of future schedules and up to speed with significant schedule changes with the mobile app immediate push notifications.

Chatbot concierge

Empower employees and the organization with a WFM chatbot that monitors intraday staffing levels alongside employees’ unique skill sets and then notifies staff of time-off schedule options via chat messaging in the Agent portal/app. Requests are automatically handled in the chat conversation if accepted.

Calendar sync

Schedules can be synced with the employee’s personal calendar (such as iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook etc.) or shared with family and friends to enable efficient organizing of events.


Increase motivation and engage your employees in a fun, game-like competition to drive performance and productivity. Set up customized targets for adherence, AHT, CSAT or any external measure via a simple data import and follow up on ranks and received badges on the leaderboard to reward them.

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