Workforce management for service organisations

Have the RIGHT PERSON with the RIGHT SKILLS in the RIGHT PLACE and RIGHT TIME, all the time.

With workforce management issues, you always lose money in more than one way. You lose money on payroll and HR expenses. You lose money with client dissatisfaction.
The solution?
A well planned workforce management solution

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What is Workforce

How many times have you had employees call you asking “am I on the roster today?”.
How about times when you have had many employees working their shift although there are no clients, and even worse, when there are no employees to attend to a client’s request.
The right workforce management solution Increases efficiency by automating HR and payroll tasks, saving hours of time spent on tedious data entry tasks and fixing mistakes that come with manual data entry.
Saves money

Saves money by assigning resources according to customer demands. You can avoid being over or under staffed, consistently.

Increases staff productivity
Increases staff productivity by giving them more accountability and at the end of the day more time to spend with their loved ones, making them more productive at work.
Improves Communication and Morale

By giving managers the ability to see which staff members are available, plan workflows without creating bottlenecks, through their smartphones

Future proofs your business

Future proofs your business in a day and age where more people prefer working remotely or in a hybrid setting.

For more information about workforce management,
watch this video by our partner Teleopti

Workforce management is more than picking the right software. That’s why clients choose Xperion.

The best workforce management solution is more than just the software. With Xperion, you get our expertise in planning out the right workforce management solution unique to your company, industry, number and type of employees, and much more.

What’s more, we are partnered with Teleopti, one of the leading workforce management software providers in the world. With Xperion, we make sure you get the best software and the best planning and management for your workflow management.

Our solution features

We offer our clients a lot more than cutting-edge technology. Understanding their needs and developing the right solution to fit their specific business needs. We stand out among our competition because we stand strong on our brand promise.


Powerful integrations with other solutions for statistics around forecasting, scheduling, monitoring and performance management.

Intraday Management

Stay in control of the day, and be ready to handle the unexpected. Proactively monitor and respond in real time.

Employee Empowerment

Powerful tools to help your agents become active participants in the center´s staff scheduling by influencing day/time preferences, shift trades, time-off requests and more.

Payroll integration

Integrate with payroll management tools to automate most payroll activities and save up on admin costs.


Plan for resource requirements for the next day, week, month, or even year.

Reports & Business Intelligence

A full suite of standard reports as well as powerful, easy-to-use customized reports, covering all your needs.

Employee Competence Development

Unique and powerful performance optimization solutions. Pinpoint and replicate employee skills, knowledge and attributes

Third-party Applications

Teleopti WFM includes a powerful Software Development Kit (SDK) with every installation allowing other applications to interact with the rich functionality of Teleopti WFM.

Scheduling and optimization

Balance operational efficiency, customer service and employee satisfaction with powerful and flexible scheduling and optimization tools.

Staff Budgeting

Accurate and flexible budgets that bring together your long-term forecasted need and the resources you have available.


Motivate your employees with a fun, game-like competition that rewards high, measurable performance

Want to learn more about how these features can help optimize your workforce management.