Why “Many-Model Thinkers” Make Better Decisions

Organizations are awash in data — from geocoded transactional data to real-time website traffic to semantic quantifications of corporate annual reports. All these data and data sources only add value if put to use. And that typically means that the data is incorporated into a model.

What is the customer journey?

The customer journey is the path that a customer walks, between the different touchpoints and interactions with an organization. When we talk about the customer journey the central focus is on the customer. Do we know who they are? How they behave? What are their needs or expectations? Which factors make them buy a product? The…

We Need To Shift How We Think About Emotion And Journeys

The customer journeys matter and we know the emotion matter too. It’s time to bring these two together and use journeys to design for the full scope of emotion. To compare customer journeys, we need to understand how to design for emotion

Virtual Bus Stop Supermarket in The Netherlands

A Dutch supermarket Jumbo, one of the market leaders, experiments with a virtual bus-stop-supermarket in the city of Utrecht, in The Netherlands.The bus-stop supermarket presents a selection of products, proven to be favourite buys for their customers. The items are processed quickly, scanned and added to a virtual shopping cart using the ‘Jumbo app’.