Service Design: Five Principles To Improve CX, EX, And Business

Every customer journey, as simple as it looks, happens in a more and more complex ecosystem. Think about your last online purchase: You interacted with an online store, on your computer or your mobile, and got your order delivered at home as planned. Simple?

More and more people buy weareable smart device

According to Honor’s research made by Canalys, the number of shipped smart devices in the world would exceed three billion units by 2023, including smartphones, computers, tablets, smart bracelets, smart speakers and earphones. With its 500 million shipped units, the European market will have 17% of this total by 2023, being the third largest market…

Egyre többen veszik a hordozható okoskütyüket

A Honor a Canalys piackutató céggel készített kutatásában az okoseszközök használatát és az ezekből felépülő ökoszisztémák adaptációját elemezte, melynek eredményei alátámasztják a hordozható, intelligens eszközök iránti igény növekedését – írja a cég közleményében.

The next decade: free energy, sold likes and taxed robots – 10 major trends

While the world has been watching the revolutionary innovations, and has been guessing when the big inventions would start commercially, the experts of SAP focus on invisible, though major changes at the levels of corporate, business and social operations. SAP experts don’t exclude the emerge of a ‘New World Order’, but we could see many…