Customer Experience Can Be Data Driven

In the digital age, customer experience is king. Today, two-thirds of companies compete on customer experience alone. The reality is that today’s businesses are operating in an environment where their top competitors are just a click away.Of course, everyone knows that better service makes for happy customers. But do happier customers translate to higher profits?

Az Ügyfélélmény lehet adatvezérelt

A digitális korban az ügyfélélmény a legfontosabb. Ma a vállalatok kétharmada kizárólag az ügyfélélmény alapján versenyez. A valóság az, hogy a mai vállalkozások olyan környezetben működnek, ahol legnagyobb versenytársaik csupán egy kattintásra vannak. Természetesen mindenki tudja, hogy a jobb kiszolgálás boldoggá teszi az ügyfeleket. De vajon a boldogabb ügyfelek nagyobb nyereséget eredményeznek?

We Need To Shift How We Think About Emotion And Journeys

The customer journeys matter and we know the emotion matter too. It’s time to bring these two together and use journeys to design for the full scope of emotion. To compare customer journeys, we need to understand how to design for emotion

Digital customer experience: Tips to improve services and satisfaction

While many have started to offer digital solutions, improving digital customer experience is still a challenge when everything is new. In this blog post, we will discuss the following topics: How to improve customer experience with digital solutions, Tips to improve digital customer experience.

How to track number of people on premises in real time?

You can use a real-time store traffic management to keep track of your store visitors in real time, real time people counting enables you to get notified when the visitation limit for your shopping mall or retail store is nearly reached.