Better customer
experience? We have you covered.

Share your customer centricity with your employees. QBoard is the ultimate team management app for retail businesses.

What is QBoard?

So you have decided to unify and enhance customer service in your retail business. The next step is to get your employees on board with your vision to become a customer-centric company. QBoard lets you do just that with a collection of exciting features

With QBoard you can

Tie team KPIs to CX objectives

Your Qmatic Orchestra solution gives you great insights about how you can improve your service levels. QBoard lets you convert these insights into KPIs for the relevant teams. You can view team performance as well as individual performance against personal/team level KPIs

Manage multiple stores across geographies

The QBoard app gives you the versatility to switch between regional performance and store-wise performance split in just a touch of a button.

Streamline HR

Evaluate employee performance effectively by comparing actual data against custom-set KPIs. Streamline employee rewarding, promotions etc. and see real growth in staff motivation levels


Communicate with your teams effectively. Flag any issues and resolve any conflicts within seconds, even when you are on the move. Provide feedback to your teams in real-time.

What’s more, visualize
data to drive impact

Visual information is interpreted at least 60.000
times faster than a textual one.

Of the human brain can process
visual information.

Of the human
communication is visual.

Built with cutting-edge


Driven by strategic