Skills for working processes to be learnt can be solvable by using micro-lessons in a more effective way than traditional courses. On the basis of the article released – at CIO.com – by Darren Winterford as the CEO of Ed Micro-learning, we are able to review the benefits of micro-learning.


A munkavégzéshez szükséges ismeretek elsajátítása hatékonyabban oldható meg mikroleckékkel, mint hagyományos tanfolyamokkal. Darren Winterford, az Ed Microlearning vezérigazgatójának a CIO.com portálon megjelent cikke alapján tekintjük át a mikrotanulás előnyeit.

Global Powers of Retailing 2019(Study – 30 min)

Welcome to the 22nd edition of Global Powers of Retailing. The report identifies the 250 largest retailers around the world based on publicly available data for FY2017 (fiscal years ended through June 2018), and analyzes their performance across geographies and product sectors.

Everything for the customer

IT managers, processing the digital business strategy, should cooperate with marketers in order to manage the user heatmap as a crucial importance. Perhaps the digital period has irrevocably changed the dynamic of corporate management.