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Why you need in-store analytics

Optimising in-store customer experience should be backed by data about how customers behave inside your store. That’s why investing in an in-store analytics retail solution can be crucial to drive business growth.

Measure number of visitors to your stores

See how many people walk into your store. Analyse how many of your visitors convert into customers.

If you have multiple stores, compare visitor counts among stores and replicate success in one store across the entire chain.

See how they spend time inside the store

Evaluate how your customers behave in-store.

How long do they spend at the store? Which areas in the store are they spending more time? Observe and analyse with customer path mapping and heat maps.

Manage employee efficiency

Deploy your customer service staff to the areas of your store that get more customer activity. Monitor staff efficiency and generate reports for organisation-wide staff training.

As your customer satisfaction grows, make sure your employee efficiency grows alongside.

Generate reports for proactive decision-making

Comprehensive reports, anytime on any device, even when you are on the move. All reports are based on real-time information and allow you to build an agile organisation.

Want to know how to find the right in-store analytics solutions for your business?

Use Cases

Traffic management and real-time foot traffic analysis can be useful for many different types of businesses and organisations.
Grocery stores


Retail stores




Learn how we can customise traffic management for
your business.

Use cases for tracking

The Xovis sensors create real-time people tracking data and can be integrated into current counting systems, saving time, money, and resources. Here are a few examples.


How does in-store analytics work?

We bring world-class sophistication to your business without any of the complexities in setting up.

It’s as simple as that. And Xperion will be with you across the process, planning and managing the solution, tailor made for your business type, size and other unique requirements.

This table summarizes the various features, pros, and cons of the technologies used on the in-store analytics market worldwide.

We believe and use only 3D Optical, Lidar and infrared sensors.