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Qmatic’s solutions provide a stress-free environment that helps staff to keep structure in their work and guides customers upon entering the store. Now, customers can have a look around, without feeling the pressure of standing in line, or not knowing if a sales representative has seen them or not.


We now have a better awareness of our customer flows, and the information we need to develop our organizations to suit customer demands in real time and over the long term.


The NHS is increasingly a data-led organisation, and the Qmatic solution gives us the data we need to make necessary changes to staffing levels and processes that enable us to provide the very best patient experience. The feedback we have had from patients and their families has been immensely positive, and we are looking to integrate more services from Qmatic to further improve the patient experience.


What’s most beneficial with Qmatic’s solutions is that we get indications on whether our daily operations are up to standard or not.


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