The Future Of Technology And Innovation 2020

The pandemic has set a new standard for the pace of change. In the past, we have euphemized “overnight disruption” to mean a few months to a few years for changes to unfold, which seemed fast. We live in a new world, where overnight disruption literally means overnight. This represents a radical shift in our mental model of the world, and it is something we are all coping with.

Do You Know Your New Customer Journeys?

New customer journeys are emerging as digital adoption accelerates during COVID-19. These are journeys you’ll want to map, because a journey map is often the first opportunity to view the end-to-end customer experience and understand the wants, needs, and pain points of your customers as they navigate that journey.

What is the customer journey?

The customer journey is the path that a customer walks, between the different touchpoints and interactions with an organization. When we talk about the customer journey the central focus is on the customer. Do we know who they are? How they behave? What are their needs or expectations? Which factors make them buy a product? The…

How to measure number of visitors in retail store?

Most visitor counting system make use of sensors in counting retail store traffic. It counts visitors coming in and going out of retail stores by using an infrared and other technology. You can read about the importance of using infrared technology in this blog post.

How to track number of people on premises in real time?

You can use a real-time store traffic management to keep track of your store visitors in real time, real time people counting enables you to get notified when the visitation limit for your shopping mall or retail store is nearly reached.

Digital customer experience: Tips to improve services and satisfaction

While many have started to offer digital solutions, improving digital customer experience is still a challenge when everything is new. In this blog post, we will discuss the following topics: How to improve customer experience with digital solutions, Tips to improve digital customer experience.

We Need To Shift How We Think About Emotion And Journeys

The customer journeys matter and we know the emotion matter too. It’s time to bring these two together and use journeys to design for the full scope of emotion. To compare customer journeys, we need to understand how to design for emotion