Let the shopping or the office routine be a pleasure!

  • Would you like it if your customers gain beneficial information during the waiting time?

  • Did you know that product promotion viewed during waiting times encourages more buyers?

  • Have you ever thought that appearing advertisements should adjust to services used by people waiting?

Digital Content Management
for you!

The solution of Digital Content Management (Digital Signage, DS) in public spheres for the defined target group is the most efficient method of presenting the variable, requiring immediate updated information.

Video demonstrations

Easescreen demos content on rotating screen

  • Easescreen demonstrates the simple usage of its digital signage software with a rotating screen content application.

Easescreen digital signage solution

  • Easescreen – a powerful signage software
  • Simple usage, striking effect!
  • Advertise, inform & present easily

Our solution

The service is so complex, it gives you:

  • The appearance of pictures, videos, contents, and information is available on LCD connected to the system for all people waiting,
  • Changes based on space, time, and other customer traffic numbers can be seen,
  • You are able to time all the desired information to be shown on the intuitive user interface with the help of centralized management; moreover, with a few clicks, you can change contents on hundreds of screens.
Komplex szolgáltatás
A figyelemfelkeltő DS

Advantages of DS are the following:

  • More productive, more awareness than ordinary advertisements
  • Its usage is more widespread since its management is simple, having cost-efficient use
  • Efficient advertisements and information are segmented, focused on target groups
  • Constantly variable, moving, and has dynamic contents
  • Minimal wastage in addition to proper planning
  • Broadcasts unique content (on LCD, Plasma TV, service panels, etc.)
  • The possibility of interactivity on service panels

What could Xperion offer?

  • System planning with a free consultation and advisory service
  • Software development, promoting individual software and applications
  • System integration – integrating our systems with external systems
  • Operation and maintenance, guaranteeing availability of our experts
Az Xperion szolgáltatásai

Customer experience architecture

Content Management

  • Content optimization based on chosen services by clients
  • Appearance of some variable data for example, weather, currency, waiting time, etc.
  • Centralized management portal used for content management

Campaign management 

  • Campaign management according to time and premise
  • Setting the time validity (from date to date)
  • Defining spatial coverage (bank branch/desk)
  • Appearance based on ordered service by the client

Client interaction

  • Appearance and processing of electronic questionnaires
  • Content can be stopped and paged by the client
  • Opportunity to appear the content managed by the administrator

Tool management

  • Alarms on the splash screen of the interface about the current status of the system and tools
  • Remote controlling, installation, scheduling an automatic update
  • Listing the tool errors
  • Map view – the appearance of faulty tools on the map

Customized Dashboard

  • Current data of customer traffic on only one screen
  • Various views depending on what data are needed
  • Comparison of all past and new data

Customer experience management

Customer satisfaction survey

  • Replace the paper and hostess-based survey
  • Cost-efficient and up-to-date solution
  • Measurement based on transaction, accurate and quick data service – evaluation is according to the newest experiences
  • Backtesting of customer reactions after having marketing campaigns
  • Questionnaires on customer satisfaction and knowledge that can be managed
  • Test campaigns before introducing a product


  • Efficient customer management and sales

  • Simple usage and short training time

  • Browser-based terminals, cheap operation

  • Robust system architecture, high availability