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People are exposed to thousands of brand messages every second. The messages they remember are the ones that impress them.

And to impress your audience, you need the right channels and creative storytelling, brought together by the right tools and thorough planning.

That is why Xperion, one of the top digital signage solutions companies, is for winning brands.

What is digital signage

New to digital signage and how it should be managed? Don’t worry, the following guides will help you understand why brands around the world rely on digital signage to engage and inspire their audiences.

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For a comprehensive guide on Digital Signage Management, read our article Why your digital signage needs planning and managing

Usage Data of Digital Signage Systems

Consumers are in touch with Digital Signage screens 10 times more than with print ads.
In addition, it has been found that an ad/campaign/announcement seen on the Digital Signage screen remains in visual memory for a long time. 60% of consumers decide on the product they will buy in the store/branch, and according to statistics, 1 out of every 3 consumers who do not think to spend buys the product they see on the Digital Signage screen.
Digital signage is a great marketing method that gives the best results on the audience when compared to other advertising strategies.

Digital Signage










Our Stats

Digital Signage-Projects worldwide

easescreen has awarded over 100,000 software Licenses worldwide and is proud of over 10,000 operational systems and networks in more than 100 countries.

in years

easescreen is an independent, in-house development. We can now look back on 23 years of experience as a developer of digital signage solutions and maintain an international partner and distributor network.


easescreen is available in ten languages (German English French, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Czech, Turkish, Italian and Arabic) which can be used in projects around the world.

Network Size
from local to global

The easescreen software is infinitely scalable and can grow and be adapted together with your project and / or company – from a single display solution up to transnational networks.

Media Formats
immediately playable

With easescreen you can immediately play 170 different media formats from PowerPoint presentations, pictures and movies to HTML5 and Web pages.

display quality

The display quality is unique. easescreen makes it possible with its in-house programmed 3D rendering engine, to deliver a ”sharp“ and smooth presentation, as well as a transparent overlay of all file formats. In addition, there is a variety graphic effects possible.

Technical Partners

Digital Signage is no longer a nice-to-have. It is an important part of your marketing and customer experience strategy.


Digital Signage 2030
US$ 38.63 Billion market size
Growing at 7.7% CAGR from 2021 to 2030
Retail will contribute to largest revenue share 21%
Precedence Research.

Designing, planning, distributing and managing can be a headache for most marketers and CX managers. This is because setting up the software and hardware is complicated. This is where Xperion can help. We help you show your content across devices, platforms with the touch of a few buttons.

Enter digital signage planning and management by Xperion

If you’re looking for a scalable, versatile and high quality solution, look no further. Xperion Digital Signage Management solutions are:

Even a novice can deploy campaigns with the right planning. We can customize the user interface according to what is most comfortable for you.

ISO-certified service and support.
With content management being available as a managed service, you can get all your Digital Signage / Digital Signage Management services from a single partner.

Xperion is a trusted name, with deep roots in the Hungarian market since 2003.

Backed by a rock-solid partnership with Easescreen, a leading manufacturer in Austria

We are experts in planning and managing Digital Signage solutions for you and your customers.

If you are a Telco or IT services provider, and has state-of-the-art infrastructure, we can partner with you to create a SaaS product that you can offer to your customers as a value-added service.

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A range of uses

From as simple as a product poster or a welcome message, to a dynamic, interactive and hyper targeted
industry info-system, Xperion can provide it all.





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Media and Content





Media and Content

Unlimited Possibilities

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