Digital Advertisement Network

A cloud-based streaming system that

Combines the most modern digital marketing and the advantages of classic advertising.

We place our outdoor high-definition LCD TVs in the shopping area in such a way that the marketing goals can be achieved in a targeted manner with the help of image and video content, coordinated with the marketing campaigns (extra income, brand strengthening, etc.)

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Hungary’s growing Digital Signage network!

Traffic management and real-time foot traffic analysis can be useful for many different types of businesses and organisations.

Have your own network of digital advertising surfaces in your stores.

Advertise your own brand, reinforce your own messages and earn extra income from your Partners or other market players!

The system can be supplemented with a visitor counter, so it can be measured how many visitors the marketing messages reach.

Complete system delivery using the most modern technology.

Manage your content, or buy from us the operation as a service or even the entire system, in the form of a monthly fee!

Learn how we can customise traffic management for
your business.