Teleopti WFM – Version 8.6 in detail

In developing version 8.6, the focus for the Teleopti WFM team has been on helping our customers to effectively handle any changes or requests that come along. A large part of achieving this responsiveness is improving the speed and usability of each tool.

Teleopti MyTime mobile application

Building on the popularity of MyTime, Teleopti’s web-based self-service tool for agents, we will be launching the MyTime mobile app this spring. The interactive MyTime application helps agents keep up to date with theirs and their team members’ schedules, track their performance, and, using add-on modules, take control of their vacation and working hours whenever, wherever.

Virtual Bus Stop Supermarket in The Netherlands

A Dutch supermarket Jumbo, one of the market leaders, experiments with a virtual bus-stop-supermarket in the city of Utrecht, in The Netherlands.The bus-stop supermarket presents a selection of products, proven to be favourite buys for their customers. The items are processed quickly, scanned and added to a virtual shopping cart using the ‘Jumbo app’.