Skills for working processes to be learnt can be solvable by using micro-lessons in a more effective way than traditional courses. On the basis of the article released – at CIO.com – by Darren Winterford as the CEO of Ed Micro-learning, we are able to review the benefits of micro-learning.

Everything for the customer

IT managers, processing the digital business strategy, should cooperate with marketers in order to manage the user heatmap as a crucial importance. Perhaps the digital period has irrevocably changed the dynamic of corporate management.

Dashboard without user interviews?

When companies set off to build their BI applications, the most common mistake they’ll fall into is foregoing user interviews. We often hear: “But we already know what we want. Here’s a list of metrics we need displayed in this dashboard. Can’t you just design the dashboard based off of this?”

Is E-Commerce slowly growing to kill brick and mortar?

Online sales increased at an astounding rate in the past few years, yet there are a lot of people who still prefer the more hands-on “going to the store” shopping experience. In the USA the total offline sales are 10X bigger than online. However, the online shopping business is growing 3x faster than offline.