Tech Trends 2020

​New breakthroughs promise emotionally intelligent interfaces and hyperintuitive cognitive capabilities. Can we architect systems that will both find the business value in tomorrow’s tech trends and remain viable for decades?

Technology is in focus at fashion companies

Augmented reality, digital clothing, blockchain – some buzzwords at fashion industry this year. In line with that, the demand for the digitalization of the services increases. According to the article of Vogue Business, the last year was mainly about technology developments at fashion companies, so to serve the changed needs. By the spread of 5G,…

Airport Passenger flow management

To optimize the passenger exprience, airports need accurate KPIs in all elements of their service delivery management. Passenger flow management is the best solution to meet this demand. Xovis PTS combines 3D sensors with a software solution to measure aand visualize the gathered data on real time dashboards.

Exciting News from Teleopti

As a valued partner of Teleopti, I wanted you to be among the first to hear our exciting news. I am proud to announce that Teleopti has been acquired by Calabrio, the customer experience intelligence company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Public services: striving for satisfaction

Over the last 10 years, the public sector has changed significantly as it strives to keep pace with new challenges. From increasing public expectations to the government’s more visible performance, organizations are under pressure to provide citizens with quick and easy access to more innovative services.