Do You Know Your New Customer Journeys?

New customer journeys are emerging as digital adoption accelerates during COVID-19. These are journeys you’ll want to map, because a journey map is often the first opportunity to view the end-to-end customer experience and understand the wants, needs, and pain points of your customers as they navigate that journey.

The Future Of Technology And Innovation 2020

The pandemic has set a new standard for the pace of change. In the past, we have euphemized “overnight disruption” to mean a few months to a few years for changes to unfold, which seemed fast. We live in a new world, where overnight disruption literally means overnight. This represents a radical shift in our mental model of the world, and it is something we are all coping with.

More and more people buy weareable smart device

According to Honor’s research made by Canalys, the number of shipped smart devices in the world would exceed three billion units by 2023, including smartphones, computers, tablets, smart bracelets, smart speakers and earphones. With its 500 million shipped units, the European market will have 17% of this total by 2023, being the third largest market…

Tech Trends 2020 – Video

Deloitte’s 11th annual Tech Trends report provides insights and inspiration you will need for the digital journey ahead. Several of this year’s trends are responses to persistent IT challenges. Others represent technology-specific dimensions of larger enterprise opportunities. All are poised to drive significant change and transform business in unpredictable ways.

Tech Trends 2020 – Executive summary

IN 2020, THE next stage of digital’s evolution welcomes us with the promise of emotionally intelligent interfaces and hyperintuitive cognitive capabilities that will transform business in unpredictable ways. Yet as we prepare for the coming decade of disruptive change, we would be wise to remember an important point about yesteryear’s leading-edge innovations.