From EX to CX and beyond – to revenue growth

A recent research highlighted that EX and CX and “revenue growth” are seriously intertwined, but not through complicated mathematical formulas, but improving the worker experience (EX) improves the customer experience (CX), which revenue growth. If management only focuses on CX and doesn’t deal with EX, it’s like leaving money on the table.

14 Smart Ways To Improve Your Customer Experience Using Technology

The experience your customers have when working with your business is a key factor in success. Ensuring your customers have seamless, satisfactory interactions with you—from when they first reach out through the completion of their transactions and beyond—will increase both your retention figures and the likelihood that existing customers will recommend your business to others.…

How to optimize customer journey with business intelligence

As a service provider, it’s important to optimize your operations continuously. Collecting the right data is the first step, and there are great opportunities to reduce queue times, enhance the customer experience and identify areas of improvement. This article will explain about how business intelligence can help service providers optimize their customer journeys.

Frictionless Customer Journeys Require Robust Analytics

Frictionless customer journeys are those that seamlessly react to customer needs, anticipate consumer responses, and follow the shopper across channels, locations, and touchpoints. They create experiences for customers that improve convenience and ease of shopping, drive loyalty, increase basket sizes, and improve profitability, ultimately creating competitive advantage in the market.

Future of Customers and Consumers

Many enterprises have embarked on some form of customer experience (CX) transformation. While such initiatives vary in terms of scope and maturity, organizations are using CX as a differentiating lever for future business resiliency and growth. In fact, data from IDC’s Future Enterprise Resiliency and Spend (FERS) survey show that organizations see improving Customer Experience as…

Three Facets Of Customer Experience You’re Overlooking

Customer experience is more important than ever. It’s experience, service and marketing all rolled into one. Customers notice almost everything. In fact, their brains are wired to make note of anything they don’t like. Call it a foible of the human spirit, but people tend to focus on the bad more than the good. Consequently,…