Measuring Basket Sizes

How are automated tools helping brick-and-mortar retailers expand basket sizes? Read about why the quality of data supporting A/B testing, upselling, cross-selling, and marketing efforts is essential for improving performance.

What the Best Digital Brands Do Differently? They orchestrate customer journeys for key segments too.

Despite constantly changing customer sentiment and strong economic headwinds, best-in-class digital brands power through and set the standard for excellence. “Understanding what these brands collectively do better than their peers can help CMOs develop roadmaps and leverage best practices to improve their own brands’ digital maturity,” says Matt Moorut, Director Analyst at Gartner.

Everything for the user experience.

Not only does the National Digital Citizenship Program raise the digitization of e-public administration services to a higher level, but in many cases the process and approach to administration itself will be radically transformed by 2026.  Simplification, user experience, citizen satisfaction, optimization of administration – the above terms are given a key role in the…

Bye-Bye Solo

SOLO END-OF-SALE ANNOUNCEMENT End-of-Sale / End-of-Life Announcement for SOLO QMATIC announces the End-of-Sale and End-of-Life dates for SOLO. The last day to order SOLO (last time buy) is 30th of June 2022 for our direct sales. The last day to order SOLO (last time buy) is 30th of June 2023 for our partner sales  …

MTU Aero Engines – Green Signage for Aircraft Engineering

Why discard existing older screens when you can give them an easy upgrade with easescreen? Our partner ComPeri GmbH developed a comprehensive Digital Signage system for two MTU Aero Engines locations. This system integrated older displays for ecological and economical reasons, using an individually programmed easescreen app.

CX Leaders Are Overly Optimistic About Their 2023 Budgets

It’s a challenging time for customer experience (CX) leaders: Companies have lost their focus on customers, customer expectations continue to rise, and the economy is becoming more turbulent. Despite these challenges, a whopping 82% of CX leaders predict that their budgets will rise in the next 12 months, according to new Forrester data. Forrester contends that CX…

Certificate for companies with the steadiest financial standing

Dun & Bradstreet, the international provider of business information and company ratings classifies the financial stability and business reliability of all enterprises based on a proven system, that has been designed by international experts, and whose operation is consistently measured. This is how our company, Xperion Ltd. has been chosen as one of the enterprises…